Dedicated Entrepreneur

Elijah Medge is the owner and manager of several outsourced direct marketing companies. He is an ambitious and dedicated businessman who enjoys the entrepreneurial journey. He has chosen to work for himself, rather than build the dreams of an employer. Elijah Medge is a strong advocate of separating one’s emotions from business decisions. He also believes in the importance of an even-keel, yet positive attitude. He attributes stepping outside of his comfort zone to much of his business success. He believes that an entrepreneur must take full responsibility for his company’s results. He is a man of integrity and does the right thing, even when no one is looking. Elijah Medge considers his path to success to be a sure bet. Why? Because he will be the last man standing in everything he does.

Engaged Mentor

Elijah Medge is a coach and mentor to entry level rookies and seasoned professionals. He provides mentorship in building confidence as a new business owner or sales representative. He also coaches his mentees on how to develop resiliency and manage their emotions. He teaches goal-setting and time management. Elijah Medge promotes a solution-oriented mentality. He encourages others to be active in solving their own problems. He considers the most rewarding part of mentorship to be helping a person unleash potential. “There’s no better feeling than when someone comes to me, after they were initially stubborn and unwilling to change, and tells me they are grateful to me for not giving up on them.”

“Successful people do the things unsuccessful people don’t want to do; Successful people don’t want to do them either, but they know they have to.”

Where is Elijah Medge?


Elijah Medge is currently based in Carson, CA. He opened his first company in Nashville, TN in 2007 and has since expanded his business to include eight states.

International expansion is in progress. Next stops: Spain, Mexico and Australia!