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4 Ways Skydiving is Exactly Like Entrepreneurship

TWEET THIS  Your fear only eases once you forget the ‘what-ifs’ and start taking action.  The exhilaration of controlling my own destiny was far greater than my trepidation. By Elijah Medge, Los Angeles, November 2015 I finally did something that I’ve been... read more

How Does One Cultivate a Positive Attitude?

TWEET THIS  Being positive does not mean that you have to be overly cheerful, jovial, or constantly smiling.  Filling your mind with worries and focusing on things you can’t change will do nothing for your productivity. By Elijah Medge, Los Angeles, August 2015... read more

9 Unique Tips for Creating a Great Work Environment

9 Unique Tips for Creating a Great Work Environment Checkout this SlideShare from Elijah Medge for some great tips on enhancing your corporate culture! Read specific suggestions for creating a cohesive, highly functioning team… not to mention a staff who... read more

Elijah Medge on the “Sour Grapes” Career Mistake

TWEET THIS  ‘Work’ has an incredible power to make people change their goals.  Wait a minute… All it took were a few challenges to cause you to abandon your goals? Throughout nearly a decade of mentoring young professionals, I have noticed an interesting, but... read more

The Pain of Discipline Versus the Pain of Regret

TWEET THIS  The pain of regret is the permanent discomfort caused by missed opportunity.  In life, the pain of discipline weighs ounces, while the pain of regret weighs tons. By Elijah Medge, Long Beach, May 2015 I received this question from a mentee:... read more

The Biggest Misconception of Entry Level Job Applicants

TWEET THIS  A diploma in hand is not a guarantee of future success.  An undergraduate degree is simply not enough to prove one’s worth in today’s job market. By Elijah Medge, Long Beach, April 2015 The most common misconception on the part of entry level job... read more

TWEET THIS  You have to make a conscious, mature decision in life to not let your emotions intersect with your actions. Entrepreneurship has its challenges. When the going gets tough, how do you maintain a positive attitude and still get the job done? You have to make... read more