Elijah Medge Community Involvement

Elijah Medge Guest Lectures at TSU

Elijah Medge visited class of seniors at Tennessee State University to speak about entrepreneurship and give career advice. A business professor at the university, Ramaprasad Unni, extended the invitation to visit his class after hearing about several students’ internship experiences at Elijah Medge’s.

Elijah Medge spoke to the students about the differences between the common perception of sales, and the true reality. He explained the benefits of gaining sales experience and emphasized the professional and personal development that occurs when a person learns sales.

tsuThe lecture included a discussion about team leadership, and how to motivate a sales team to achieve the best results. Elijah Medge shared with the class, “Great management in sales is crucial. The sales profession is driven by attitude and work ethic, which need to be consistently displayed at the top in order to trickle down to the bottom.”

The drawbacks of the sales industry were also discussed during the lecture. Elijah Medge shared some of the harsher realities of the sales profession in order to prepare the students for life after graduation. The group discussed challenges such as turnover, commission and dealing with rejection.

The final topic of discussion was a plan of action after graduation.  With many students interested in pursuing sales positions in the coming months, Elijah Medge imparted advice about job hunting and building credentials.

The seminar was a great opportunity for Elijah Medge to give back to the community. He shared, “This is all information that I wish I had before graduating.” He hopes to have more opportunities to visit with students and make a positive impact on future graduates.

 Elijah Medge Visits Special Needs Class for Russia Week

Elijah Medge in NashvilleIn honor of Russia Week at Page High School’s Transition Program, Elijah Medge was invited to come in and speak to the children about Russia and discuss some of the traditions.  He was able to educate the kids on the language, dance forms, cuisines and other cultural identifiers. Elijah had moved from Russia at the age of 8 and has strong ties to his home country. He was honored to be able to not only share his experience but also to provide the special needs children with an opportunity to see beyond the classroom and broaden their understanding of the world.

“Nashville doesn’t have a large Russian population so any time I get a chance to discuss where I grew up its refreshing. The fact that I was able to work with these amazing people that showed a genuine interest was a huge bonus. One of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur is having the flexibility and freedom in my schedule to help the community and impact others outside of work.” – Elijah Medge.

The class teacher, Alyssa Greenstein, hosted the event and prepared traditional Russian tea and desert cakes to simulate a true Russian get together. She made sure the class got as much out of it since none of the students had never met a Russian before.

russian-flag“It was great having Elijah come into my classroom to present about Russia. My students absolutely loved eating tea cakes while hearing firsthand about the country’s culture, learning how to say a few Russian words, and how to do a traditional Russian folk dance.” – Alyssa Greenstein.

This was an awesome opportunity for everyone involved and the kids finished the week off on a fun note, ready to go into the next week of learning about another interesting culture.