What are people saying about entrepreneur and mentor, Elijah Medge?

skord“I have had the opportunity to network with Elijah and brainstorm ideas at several business functions. He has always been innovative and intelligent with his decision and thoughts. Anyone that has the opportunity to work with him will grow not only professionally but also personally!” -S. Kordella

groberts“Elijah is an amazing man of character. He displays his honesty, character, and work ethic is all aspects of his life. He is a great role model and a true leader.” -G.Roberts

Elijah Medge“I’ve worked with Elijah Medge professionally for almost ten years. As an entrepreneur, he leads by example in his work ethic and integrity. His structure and systems he’s put in place have proven successful and has run & managed a very successful team for over 8 years. He cares about his team and their futures.” -J. Edmonds

Elijah Medge“I’ve been working with Elijah Medge for 7 months and during that time he has helped me grow as an individual as well as a manager. I actually have completely changed almost everything about my life in a positive light.  I was working in the bar industry prior to working with Elijah and felt as if it was impossible to get ahead. He helped me understand that my dreams and goals of being a business owner while living a debt free lifestyle is not unattainable and has given me the opportunity to achieve these goals. I am greatly appreciative and am truly interested to see how much more I’ll learn and grow as a successful businessman.” -S. Pehrson

34b0b44“Elijah is a highly reliable and inspiring manager. Though I worked with a sister company to his, our daily interactions were always positive and highly educational. He welcomed me with open arms into the company network and was always open and willing to help me should I have any questions regarding building the teams within the office. All of this paired with a high level of professionalism, Elijah always provided me with a strong mentorship relationship. On a more personal level, he was a fun and open-minded manager that was always willing to promote team spirit and office morale. I would recommend Elijah on both the interpersonal and professional level. It was a pleasure working with him and I would enjoy to do so again in the future.” -C. Rubin

yiskraElijah Medge is a respected and enthusiastic leader with a proven track record in sales, marketing, and management. He is a seriously driven and creative professional who has the ability to develop and implement business strategies and demonstrates strong competency in collaboration.” -Y. Iskra

adorf“We trained Elijah’s office when they first began working with Quill.com. In all of our years working with Quill, he is one of the most dedicated, hard-working leaders and managers we have had the pleasure to train. He is committed to the success and happiness of his people and sets an outstanding example of upholding integrity and consistency in his work.” -A. Dorfman

gcb“Elijah is a natural born leader with a true entrepreneurial mindset. He pays great attention to detail and is committed to provide a high level of service to those around him.” -G. Baca

bpark“Elijah is conscientious in his performance and thorough in his follow through of objectives.” -B. Park

scasten“Elijah is a top manager that is resilient in working together with his employees to achieve a perfect balance within his company. Happy employees = successful business.” -S. Castañeda

tpicha“Through our many business interactions, I have found myself continuously impressed with Elijah’s thoughtful, wise, and focused mentality towards business. He is one of those people you meet in life that is a pleasure to work with and a sure success.” -T. Picha

Elijah Medge“Elijah Medge is the perfect example of success through perseverance!  Think about those individuals that you just know are going to be successful in life…. he is one of those! He is always focused and pushing!  No matter what challenges and obstacles life throws him, he will find a way or make way to his goals!  Success is inevitable for individuals like this!” -J. Price

tjenn“Highly determined to succeed with a proven track record of success in the most difficult field of sales. A great mentor in sales with insight on how to initiate and close deals.” -T. Jennings

“Elijah is an extremely pleasant person to work with! Highly recommended!” -M. Elaviamelavia

mhoe“Elijah is a very structured manager and leads his company to the heights of the industry. He is very passionate towards his goals and for those of his employees.” -M. Hostetler

Elijah Medge“I started working with Elijah in Nashville six months ago, and moved with him to Long Beach to be a part of the new office in May 2015. He’s easy to work with because he has an open door policy and is very involved with the people in the office. I definitely know I can go to him with any questions or obstacles I may be facing and get the answers and advice I need to overcome them.” -J. Nagy

elijah-medge“Working with Elijah was a great experience. He will always give you a different way to look at things that you hadn’t thought of before. He is a hard worker and willing to put in the time to get the job done. Not to mention, he is a great friend. Additional notes: he is a fast walker, always down to go get lunch, is a good basketball player.” -J.Perry

Elijah-Medge“I have been working with Elijah Medge for a little over a year now, and he always makes sure to go the extra step in helping me reach my goals. His mentor style is solution-oriented and from our conversations, I take away the ability to see a problem from a perspective which I hadn’t seen beforehand. Because of his approachability and humor, conversations are natural and Elijah has become one of my biggest professional influences.” -J.Weaver