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What Makes a Great Corporate Culture?

A great corporate culture is essential for business success. Achieving huge goals requires a strong team, and Elijah Medge believes strongly that the quality of a team’s performance will depend on the environment that you create as a business owner. If it is encouraging and positive, then your people will enjoy what they do and will be more focused on the individual tasks needed to accomplish their goals. On the other hand, if the environment is toxic and negative, then good people will not only be repelled from the start, but will be constantly distracted by the negatives.

In order to create a great work environment, it is important to make it possible for your team to love what they do. is a big believer that as a leader you must be transparent and accessible. You must make sure that the goals of management, employees, clients and customers are fully aligned. Your team must have a clear understanding of what quality performance looks like. Finally, you must provide attractive incentives to motivate your people to perform at peak levels.

Having Fun…

Fun is an essential part of the journey to success as an entrepreneur. Taking things too seriously and not allowing yourself to enjoy the process is a sure recipe for self-discouragement. It is common knowledge that the entrepreneurial path is riddled with failure, so Elijah Medge always says “If you know you’re going to laugh about this in a year from now, you might as well laugh now”.

Why Attend Conferences?

Elijah Medge highly encourages attending conferences in your respective field. People often feel like they are facing challenges alone. When you attend meetings led by industry leaders and listen to successful people speak, you realize that everything you are going through is part of a normal process. It’s amazing how much you can learn by hearing about another person’s experiences. You gain valuable insight about how to solve your own problems, and you learn things that will help you avoid certain challenges in the future.

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