by Lance Cody-Valdez

No doubt that being a boss comes with its benefits, but it can also be really stressful. And if you have good intentions, then you never become satisfied with your abilities to lead your team. You’re always looking for ways to deepen your knowledge, expand your perspective, and connect with others more effectively.


If you have the passion to improve as a leader, marketing expert Elijah Medge invites you to consider these three proven methods.


  1. Read Up

It’s still one of the most effective ways of learning—always have a leadership book on your bedside table (and actually read it)!


  • The classic “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey distinguishes those who generally do well in the world from others.
  • Jane Dutton and Gretchen Spreitzer’s “How to Be a Positive Leader” focuses on implementing positive organizational behavior.
  • Another classic, “Good to Great” by Jim Collins presents a simple concept that can move your organization out of mediocrity.
  • Written by Simon Sinek, “Leaders Eat Last” covers the qualities that make up true and good leaders.


  1. Take Courses

Along with reading renowned leadership books, research the plethora of leadership-building courses available by various organizations.


  • Udemy offers a team leadership skills masterclass with updates for 2021.
  • SkillPath provides many leadership courses that cover a wide base of skills and practices.
  • Coursera also sells courses that can teach you an array of leadership principles, some that are taught by renowned college professors.


  1. Embrace Proven Principles

Finally, try these tried-and-true methods of growing as a leader:


  • No matter how successful your business is, always strive to boost your marketing efforts, such as embracing digital marketing.
  • Take a personality test to gauge your strengths and weaknesses as a leader.
  • Journal each day about your experiences and how you can improve.
  • Sharpen your communication skills, which are critical to effective leadership.
  • Nurturing connections can be a powerful part of your leadership growth; consider refreshing connections with old classmates and those from nearby cities.
  • Look to external opportunities for leadership, such as volunteering in the community or joining the board of a charity.


If you want to be an effective leader, you can never become complacent. While you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself, remember there’s always room for improvement. There’s more to building your leadership skills, but reading the best books, engaging in continuing education courses, and applying proven principles in your daily routine will get you off to a strong start to become someone people want to follow.