By Elijah Medge, Long Beach, February 2015


Flickr CC via herval

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur then it’s time to start thinking like one.

An “entrepreneur mindset” is not a natural consequence of owning a business. In fact, failing to develop an entrepreneur mindset is the reason so many business owners fail. Many blame the economy, their customers, their employees, the competition, a lack of resources, or the weather for that matter. A true entrepreneur mindset is characterized by accepting accountability for results, regardless of whether they are good or bad. Individuals who think this way typically enjoy above average success.

You’ll probably recognize the opposing “employee mindset” because more than likely you’re surrounded by it. An “employee” does what the boss tells him to do; nothing more, nothing less. If something needs to be taken care of — but he wasn’t specifically instructed to take care of it — he won’t do it. His mindset screams “complacency” rather than “initiative”. He does just enough to get by. Without instant gratification or short term incentives (i.e. a raise, bonus, time off, recognition, etc.) he will not see the value of most tasks.

Entrepreneurs with employee mindsets are doomed to fail. They usually possess a deadly combination of low self esteem and a big ego. Typically, they refrain from leaving their comfort zones or going the extra mile. In turn, they end up missing out on some of the best opportunities, both professionally and personally.

The only way to change one’s trajectory is to master the art of honesty. It can be challenging to accept our vulnerabilities or admit our faults; but a true entrepreneur doesn’t hide behind a mask. She understands that if she is transparent about her drawbacks, then she can be more accountable for the results of her actions.

Elijah Medge (Long Beach, CA) owns and manages direct marketing firms throughout the United States. He is a coach and mentor to budding and experienced entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. Be sure to connect on Facebook and Tumblr.