by Cameron Ward

Due to COVID-19, budding entrepreneurs are rethinking their home office designs. Finding ways to promote good health and keep everyone safe is essential, as the pandemic is still a concern. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are some starting and decorating tips for hosting meetings from your home office.

Safety Quick Tips

If you want to create a COVID-safe office, it’s best to cover a few basics right away. Some must-do steps include:
⦁ Wear masks
⦁ Add UV to your HVAC
Open windows
Get an air purifier

It’s also wise to embrace technologies that reduce contact. Along with video conferencing, try payment and invoicing software to ensure you don’t need paper bills and won’t have to handle payment cards directly.

Where to Put Your Office

Since safety is a priority, you want to select the right space for your home office. If you have a room with its own exterior door or an entrance in your home’s main entryway, that’s ideal. It ensures meeting attendings don’t have to cross through your home on their way to your office.

However, if that isn’t available, then going with another separate room could also work. Choose an unused bedroom with a large window and good airflow. Also, install a hand sanitizer dispenser on the wall near the door, making it easier to keep your hands clean.

If you might sell your home in the near future, adding a functional home office could increase your home’s value, too. Just make sure to track your receipts and take before and after photographs. That way, you can quantify the value of the improvements.

Preparing for In-Person Meetings

When you begin working on your office layout, make social distancing a priority. Go with larger furniture pieces that aren’t easily moved. That way, you can position seats at least six feet apart, and visitors aren’t likely to adjust their positions.

If you have a damaged couch or chair that you’d like to use in your office, turning to furniture upholstery services could be a wise move. While a large sofa can run somewhere in the $1,200 and $3,500 range, the exact price varies depending on material choices, size, and other factors. Before you meet with companies for quotes, check out reviews to find a reputable business.

Placing a coffee table in between you and visitors also helps. It works as a barrier while giving you a usable surface.

Planning for Virtual Meetings

If you want to stay safe during meetings, going with virtual meetings is your best bet. Make sure you have a reliable broadband internet connection, preferably using a hardline to improve connectivity. Also, invest in a high-performance camera and microphone to increase audio and visual quality.

Since being seen clearly is important, make sure your office is well lit. Open curtains and blinds to get natural light, and use floor and table lamps to increase the illumination. You may even want to get a ring light, making it easier to ensure your face is visible.

Bonus Safety Tip

When you run a small business, physical safety shouldn’t be your only concern. It’s also wise to take steps to protect personal assets from litigation. One great option is to update your business structure and form an LLC to reduce your liability. If your budget is tight, skip the lawyer and their high fees and use a formation service or filing yourself. Just check the rules in your area before starting the paperwork, as the laws vary by state.

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