by Lance Cody-Valdez


4 Great Cities to Set Up Your Territory Sales Management Business


The rise of remote work and the gig economy has made it easier than ever for people to earn a living by starting their own businesses. Some regions are especially attractive for aspiring solopreneurs because they have supportive business communities and exciting regional culture and activities. If you’re looking to start a remote business, here are four cities to consider moving to this year.


  1. Austin, TX

Frequently ranked one of the best places in the United States to live, the capital city of Texas boasts a thriving business community and a distinct local culture. Austin has programs such as Inspire Austin that support business development. In addition, lower taxes make Austin less expensive for business owners and contractors. While apartments downtown can cost around $2,000 per month for a one-bedroom unit, you can find more affordable housing further from the city center by working with a local realtor. With about 720,000 square feet of co-working space, a city is a great place if you work remotely. After work, you can enjoy Austin’s live music scene or spend a weekend exploring the rivers and lakes of central Texas.


  1. Sacramento, CA

Often overshadowed by larger cities in the region, Sacramento’s growing startup community and excellent restaurant scene make it an attractive destination for solopreneurs. With access to year-round fresh produce and regional wineries, Sacramento is a great place for foodies. Furthermore, the city has cultivated business ties with nearby Silicon Valley that enable independent entrepreneurship and an expanding tech community. In addition, Sacramento has a lower cost of living than many other California cities, making it a more affordable choice for relocation.


  1. Detroit, MI

Rated one of the top cities for economic growth potential, Detroit is a great place for young entrepreneurs. The costs of living and doing business are lower than the national average, making Detroit more affordable than many other major cities. The city has a strong rental market, and you can find housing for around $1,000 per month, though some neighborhoods may be more expensive. Detroit also has access to excellent transportation infrastructure, which encourages commerce. Popular local attractions include the city’s Eastern Market, a robust art scene and several beloved sports teams. The surrounding Great Lakes region provides outdoor fun for all seasons, from water-skiing to snowboarding.


  1. Denver, CO

Denver’s strong job market and varied amenities have much to offer solo entrepreneurs and gig economy workers. Digital nomads in Denver can find fast Wi-Fi and plentiful co-working spaces. Although housing costs are higher than the national average, Denver is a walkable city with reliable public transportation, so you can easily live there without a car. You can use rental sites to find accommodations; simply click and filter your listings by cost, size, amenities desired, and more. In your free time, explore Denver’s microbreweries and local museums or take a trip to the nearby Rocky Mountain National Park for some of the country’s best hiking.


Working as a solo entrepreneur can be both exciting and difficult, especially when you’re starting out. Find a community that supports solopreneurs so you can pursue the independent lifestyle t